Hans Shmidheiser – From Fact to Fiction

Hans Shmidheiser has always had keen observational skill, something that translated both easily and well into the field of investigative journalism. A talented foreign affairs correspondent for nearly a decade, Shmidheiser rarely missed an opportunity to put himself into the middle of the action, and to transform what he learned about human nature, conflict and culture into hard-hitting news copy that could genuinely capture the reader’s attention while presenting the audience an invaluable and insightful perspective into the events and peoples that shaped their world.

Hans Shmidheiser

Hans Shmidheiser

Now a respected author of several highly-touted fictional novels, including one of the best-acclaimed fictional book series to have been published in the last few years, Hans Shmidheiser continues to apply his keen skills of observation and insight into literature that both captures the imagination and creates an undeniable connection with the audience. Through the development of the beloved Johnny Normal book series, as well as several well-known and moderately successful inspirational novels, Shmidheiser works to both enthrall and educate the reader through complex, interesting and empathetic character development.

Hans Shmidheiser enjoyed his career as a journalist, as well as the many opportunities he had to explore, learn and share relatively unknown world cultures, countries and peoples with the reading audience. He now enjoys the chance to use what he’s learned, as well as the benefit of his experience, to reach the audience on a completely different, perhaps even transcendental level, and to inspire others to seek out as much experience as they can throughout the course of their lives.


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