Hans Shmidheiser: The Importance of Learning a New Language

As a former professional journalist, Hans Shmidheiser understands the importance of communication, particularly when it comes to effectively reporting on a people, culture or country an audience may not be so familiar with. As a talented foreign affairs correspondent, Shmidheiser soon found it advantageous, if not essential, to pursue instruction in numerous other languages; something that allowed him to better pursue and obtain the information and insight he needed to deeper into the people, events and cultures he was covering.

Hans Shmidheiser

Hans Shmidheiser

Fluent in English, Mandarin and Spanish, Hans Shmidheiser has been the recipient of numerous personal and professional benefits of multilingual proficiency. Not only did his language skills provide him the opportunity to produce some of the most in-depth reporting and new stories of his day, it also afforded him the chance to obtain and develop a stronger understanding and knowledge of cultures throughout the globe, and provided him a profound level of insight into events and cultures that may not have been possible without it.

Hans Shmidheiser understands the many experiences that were made possible through his ability to communicate in different languages. His insight into international politics, conflict and personalities resulted, in large part, from his ability to converse with people directly. Knowing how to speak on a one on one basis with people central to the development of story, says Shmidheiser, gave him the opportunity to write truly in-depth and insightful feature length articles; news pieces that not only solidified his career, but that also set him above and beyond many of his colleagues.


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