Hans Shmidheiser: Contemporary Literature Enthusiast

Hans Shmidheiser’s affinity for contemporary literature is well-known, and has afforded him the opportunity to amass one of the more impressive and considerable literature collections in the New Orleans community. A fan of such authors as Chuck Palahniuk, Tom Robbins, Hunter Thompson, Douglas Adams and more, Shmidheiser continues to find inspiration in the contemporary works that he credits for much of his own authorial success.

The popular author of the Johnny Normal series, Hans Shmidheiser often finds himself turning to his quite extensive library of mid to late 20th century novels in search of ideas, of inspiration and even of information. Such novels as The Great Shark Hunt, Slaughterhouse Five, and even Christopher Moore’s Biff have been the catalyst for some of his greatest work, and have truly inspired him to continually hone and improve his craft, and to test the perceived boundaries and limitations of his talent.

Hans Shmidheiser

Hans Shmidheiser

Hans Shmidheiser has collected over 2000 books over the last decade, each one written by an author who has had a considerable impact, and has been a significant influence, on his writing career. Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, in fact, was one of Shmidheiser’s first forays into the possibilities of the absurd, opening doors and creating opportunities for his writing that he never before thought imaginable or possible.

Shmidheiser, however, doesn’t keep his library to himself, and has made an important priority out of sharing his collection with the people of his community as much, and as often, as he can. He has recently named his library open to the public, and encourages reading and writing enthusiasts from miles around to peruse, borrow and share his collection whenever possible.


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