Hans Shmidheiser: Best Things to During a New Orleans Vacation

New Orleans is perhaps best known for its annual Mardi Gras celebration, which continues to attract millions of party-goers and tourists from around the globe each and every year. A long time professional and resident of the New Orleans area, Hans Shmidheiser understands the many amazing things to see and do both before and after the weeklong Mardi Gras festivities, as his hometown offers an abundance of historical and mysterious value to vacationers the entire year round.

Below, Hans Shmidheiser shares some of his favorite places to visit, and to experience, in the New Orleans area.

The French Quarter

Any tour or trip to New Orleans would be remiss without beginning in the French Quarter, the heart and soul of the city as well as a National Historic Landmark. Established by the French as the original New Orleans colony in 1718, the French Quarter offers the visitor the opportunity to stroll up and down historic and narrow cobblestone streets, and to come face-to-face with such beautiful and significant attractions as the Faulkner House, the Cabildo and Jackson Square. Bourbon Street is, of course, the Quarter’s primary draw.

St. Louis Cemeteries

Believe it or not, says Hans Shmidheiser, some of New Orleans’ most popular and enduring attractions are the St. Louis Cemeteries. Numerous cemetery tours are available to anyone brazen enough to experience the hauntingly beautiful, historic and often ornate “cities of the dead” found throughout various areas of New Orleans.

The National World War II Museum

Visitors of the National World War II Museum have the opportunity to peruse an amazing collection of wartime artifacts, and to get up close and personal with one of the biggest and most important conflicts in both American and World history.


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