Hans Shmidheiser: Talented Violinist

Many are privy to Hans Shmidheiser’s considerable skill, and accomplishment, as both novelist and foreign affairs correspondent. For much of the last decade, Shmidheiser has been inspiring, educating and empowering through enthralling, elegantly-written feature-length news articles, self-help books and full-length fictional novels, and has become a well-respected, even revered name in the fields of journalism and literature.

Hans Shmidheiser

Hans Shmidheiser

Many are not aware, however, of Shmidheiser’s considerable musical prowess, a skill he has developed over many years of professional training, practice and love of the art. A classically trained violinist, Hans Shmidheiser maintains the same high level of passion and commitment to classic music, and to the instrument, that he has had since childhood, and can commonly be found playing one of his favorite pieces during his time away from the computer or typewriter. Hans Shmidheiser, whose father himself was a well-known musician, worked to instill a love of both music, and the violin, into Shmidheiser at a very early age; a love that continues to be an undeniable and inseparable part of his soul and his being.

Shmidheiser has earned much respect and admiration for his skills as a writer, and continues to receive praise for many of the pieces he has written as an overseas journalist, composed at various points over much of the last ten years. Now with a focus on fiction, particularly absurdist literature, he continues to show the same passion and dedication to the Johnny Normal book series as he did towards the late-breaking news story.


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