Hans Shmidheiser – Training for Your First Marathon

An accomplished professional writer, Han Shmidheiser often finds that his days consist of long hours working in front of a computer screen with few breaks in between. Such a deskbound lifestyle, in the long run, is not encouraged by doctors as conducive to good health. To keep his body fit, Shmidheiser often participates in competitive running, something he has loved since he was young.

Hans Shmidheiser

Hans Shmidheiser

To participate in a marathon, whether it is a full-length or mini version, requires a significant commitment of time and energy from the runner. As Hans Shmidheiser knows, good preparation is the key to success. In the races he has participated in, he’s seen that it’s often the runners who took the time to prepare and adjust to the race conditions that were able to finish. From his experiences, he shares two insights that he believes aspiring runners can utilize for success.

Know your limits

A marathon will expose you to far greater risks of injury than a normal jog around the neighborhood. The long distance of a marathon pushes one’s mental, physical and physiological boundaries. Before you begin, consult with a physician to establish how far you can push your body.

Keep your motivation

For many runners, the desire to participate in a marathon is often tied to breaking personal limits. You may want to test how far you can go, or perhaps are doing it to support a charitable cause or get healthier. Whatever the reason, hold on to it and keep reminding yourself in the times ahead. When your legs feel like rubber and the bed seems more comfortable than the rain outside, your motivation will keep you strong.


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