Hans Shmidheiser – An Avid Reader

In addition to being a renowned and successful professional writer, Hans Shmidheiser is also an avid reader. He credits his love for reading contemporary literature as having enabled him find the inspiration to write and grow in his authorial aspirations. Thanks to his love of books, Shmidheiser has one of the more impressive collection of literature in the New Orleans area, a collection that features authors such as Tom Robbins and Douglas Adams, to name a few.

Hans Shmidheiser

Hans Shmidheiser

Hans Shmidheiser’s collection features more than 2000 books, most of which he has collected over the last decade. Each book has played a significant role in his writing career, and thus he is unable to specifically pin down an all-time favorite. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, one of the titles in his collection for example, is one that opened his mind to the world of absurdist fiction, which he now portrays in his Johnny Normal series.

According to Shmidheiser, one of the secrets to growing as a writer is to read extensively. To this effect, he opens up his library to the public, more specifically aspiring writers in the New Orleans area. By doing so, he is availing to them the opportunities to expand the boundaries of their writing talent, much as his collection did for him in his earlier years. Through the library and by conducting writing workshops, Hans Shmidheiser is doing his part in helping groom a new generation of writers that will explore and test the boundaries of writing.


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