Hans Shmidheiser – Tips to Better Reading

As the author of the increasingly popular Johnny Normal series, Hans Shmidheiser finds himself turning to his collection of over 2000 books for ideas and inspiration. Over the past year, he has been hard at work on the next book in the Johnny Normal series, and d this time he has gone back to the basics of reading that Hans Shmidheiser  knows are crucial to his success as a writer. In an era where mobile devices and social media have fractured attention spans, finding persons willing to read a book for hours on end is becoming increasingly difficult.

Hans Shmidheiser

Hans Shmidheiser

Reading brings numerous benefits, including improved concentration levels, analytical thinking, and reduced stress levels. Hans Shmidheiser, loves to read in his free time, offers the following tips to help individuals become better readers.

Make time

Much like you would make time for a dancing class or an aerobic session at the gym, set time for reading. By doing so, you have an increased of sitting down and picking up a book.

No distractions

Switch off your phone and computer, and find a place with no distractions, be it your room or a shady area in the park. The fewer distractions you encounter the better it is for your reading efforts.

Go for a printed book

While you might want to advance with the times and opt for an eBook, seeing a printed book lying around will give you more impetus to read it than an eBook would.


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