Hans Shmidheiser – No Alternative to Hard Work

At the conclusion of his days as a foreign affairs correspondent, Hans Shmidheiser opted for the less travel-intensive, yet equally tasking life as a professional writer. Going on the writing skills he had honed over the years working in the field of investigative journalism, he found success by publishing several self-help novels and the increasingly popular Johnny Normal book series. But more to the writing success, Shmidheiser found he had more time on his hands to organize writer workshops for aspiring writers in the New Orleans community.

Hans Shmidheiser

Hans Shmidheiser

Mostly targeted at disadvantaged communities, these workshops offer a chance for Hans Shmidheiser to interact and pass on a message that he deems important to anyone wishing to accomplish their dreams: there is no alternative to hard work. Having had to endure various challenges while growing up, Shmidheiser is no stranger to putting in long hours and digging deep in order to reach his goals. Now that he’s found success in his endeavors, his aim is to help others accomplish their dreams by providing avenues crucial to their success.

In a culture where many have eschewed reading habits by choosing to focus their time on gadgets and social media, and where short form lingo has permeated into the realm of writing, Hans Shmidheiser’s workshops are slowly helping to change the mindsets of young writers to embrace old-school reading and writing habits. Good writing is a function of many things, among them hard work and persistence. Through the workshops, Shmidheiser hopes to let participants know that there is no shortcut to success.


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