Hans Shmidheiser: Inspiring the Youth of New Orleans

In cities all over the world, tough neighborhoods exist where youth are exposed to the dangers of drugs, crime and peer pressure. The city of New Orleans is no different, but there are people inspired to become role models and mentors to the city’s troubled youth. Hans Shmidheiser, a respected former foreign correspondent for a major news outlet and now established author, is taking the initiative to help some of New Orleans’ youth.

Inspiring the Youth of New OrleansHans draws courage from the fact that he grew up in tough surroundings as well and strives to become one of the best in his profession. From fighting a life-threatening illness to living in poverty, Hans Shmidheiser can relate to some of the experiences the youth face. Rather than let such a tough upbringing derail his ambitions, he used his situations as fuel for internal motivation.

The well-known author of the Johnny Normal book series now holds a frequent literature workshop in various neighborhoods of New Orleans. After the first few workshops, it became abundantly clear that the youth required an avenue to speak out, and writing worked quite well. Thus, Hans made it a priority to facilitate as many workshops as his schedule would allow, giving young writers every opportunity to participate in something constructive.

Hans Shmidheiser knows the value of giving a helping hand. He believes that those in a position to help should make it a habit to do so. Everyone needs a helping hand, he says, so don’t pass up an opportunity to do good.


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