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Hans Shmidheiser – Living a Healthy Lifestyle

As a former foreign correspondent for a major new publication, Hans Shmidheiser’s days would often find himself chained to a desk for long periods. Alternatively, he would be traveling the globe in search of the next story, which wouldn’t leave him enough time to engage in physical activity. With that life behind him now, Hans has embraced a more healthy and active approach to living. Never will a day go by without him taking an hour (or two) to participate in some of his favorite activities, which include playing tennis and running.

Hans Shmidheiser

Hans Shmidheiser

The decision to leave a journalistic career behind opened more time for Hans Shmidheiser, who took up tennis almost immediately. With time, he became quite skilled at the sport. Thanks to a competitive spirit, Hans is always looking forward to the next match with a friend or local tennis club member. If he’s not playing, he can be found helping younger players learn the basics of the game. He’s never too busy to give a helping hand, and his efforts have enabled some of the younger tennis players at his club develop tremendously.

Running, on the other hand, affords Hans Shmidheiser the opportunity to relax and make use of his athletic talents. In the New Orleans community where he lives, Hans has built an impressive reputation as a dedicated runner and will often take part in local running events and marathons. The secret to good running, he shares, is applying as much effort and dedication to the activity as you would a professional career.


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